• David Bowie: A Life is recommended by..
    William Boyd (Scottish novelist and screenwriter) - 2 years ago
    "Book suits the shape-shifting, beguiling, enigmatic complexities of its subject perfectly"

    The Washington Post - 2 years ago
    "Jones’s biography takes a while to generate momentum, mirroring Bowie’s early career, but it offers the discerning reader clues as to how all the pieces fit together, how the Starman eventually morphed into the whiter-than-white soul man of “Young Americans” and anticipated his own death as “Lazarus.” Whatever Bowie you want is here, from genius to opportunist. If your Bowie is a visionary artist, you’ll find him. If your Bowie is a magpie, a plagiarist, a vampire sucking the creative blood of others, he’s here, as well...."

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