• Missing Fay is recommended by..
    Hilary Mantel (Booker Prize Winner) - 2 years ago
    "Is an intricately crafted novel, sharp-eared, current and full of heart, about a lost teenager in a lost England."

    The Guardian - 3 years ago
    "Missing Fay is a welcome and timely work about loneliness and alienation in a rootless, restless England. In years to come, when we are trying to understand the complexities that led from “Broken Britain” to Brexit, this thoughtful, unsettling and intricate novel may well provide some of the answers..."

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  • Madame Zero: 9 Stories is recommended by..
    Jessie Burton (English author and actress) - 2 years ago
    "It was astonishing: humane yet otherworldly, disturbing, sexy and strange."

    Rupert Thomson (Novelist) - 2 years ago
    "is a showcase for her(Author's) clean, vivid style and her surreal, often feral imagination."

    The Guardian - 3 years ago
    "Great short stories are the shape of themselves: image, voice and plot dovetailed to the chosen form. Hall’s stories are vixen-shaped: urban and rural, feral and natural, female and stinky, beautiful and tough. Like Mrs Fox herself, they slide quietly into view and stare at us with their citrine eyes; exceptional, compelling, frightening and authentic.."

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