• Fall Out: A Year of Political Mayhem is recommended by..

    Reaction - 2 years ago
    "Shipman describes the usual in-fighting, delusion, incompetence and betrayal, but what makes this book stands out is his conscientiousness in presenting both sides: when criticising one or other player he will provide the case for the defence."

    Daily Mail - 2 years ago
    "Shipman’s writing has admirable clarity and drive, and occasional shockwaves and bombs are probably essential for staying awake through the ins and outs of Brexit."

    Stephen Bush (New Statesman) - 2 years ago
    "The meat of the book, however, is the Tory tragedy, and its central characters are the Prime Minister and her former joint chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill."

    The Guardian - 2 years ago
    "the chapters set inside Labour’s divided HQ are meticulously done, they lack the tangible intimacy and insight of the chapters on Tory meltdown. Nonetheless Shipman’s books are fast becoming classics...."

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