• The Future Won't Be Long is recommended by..

    The Guardian - 2 years ago
    "the book: argumentative, over-dramatic, valuing style over accuracy, much longer than it has any right to be. Yet one can’t help liking Kobek for writing it; for so defiantly, brattishly, entertainingly, being a not-good novelist."

    Publishers Weekly - 3 years ago
    "Punctuated with gentle humor and awash with genuine fondness for its characters, this novel breezes giddily through the disorder and shifting landscape of their lives"

    Cleaver Magazine - 50 years ago
    "The Future Won’t Be Long pulls no punches depicting cultural producers toiling in the fields, working with anything at their disposal, all to catch that budding glimmer of inspiration making it all feel worth it before the ghastly reality of the marketplace comes to bear. We feel the truth in the work and that feeling is evidenced by a career reaching a well-earned future."

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